‟We have known Martin Zeng for nearly twenty years, during which time he has made a series of both basic and dramatic enhancements to our home.

I must start by saying that Barbara and I bought our property from Martin, who with the assistance of his brother then built our original home. Ten years later, as we made the transition from weekend to fulltime residents, Martin served as general contractor for a major addition/renovation. So Martin’s involvement goes far beyond a series of landscaping projects.

That said, there have been major developments in landscaping, starting with the pond that adjoins the house. First it was dug out from a natural depression, then lined with blue clay, and later encircled with rock formations, a large dock, a sand beach, trees and shrubs, a waterfall, and most recently some dramatic lighting. The effect is “Muskoka comes to Creemore.”

The original gravel drive was replaced by paving stones to form a graceful loop, which provides both a practical and aesthetic solution to parking visiting cars. The cultivated area of the property has been defined by two rocks walls snaking back from the road, and rock gardens have been built on both sides of the house, taking advantage of the significant front to back slope of that part of the land.”

– C.S. Creemore Ontario